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Empowering Minds & Customizing Destiny One Home At A Time

Milun & her team help you create opportunities where you see no possibilities. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, dating troubles, court cases, career slump, dying business, money & health issues, family discord, or heavy depression, some powerful zen cures & symbolic decor changes in your home or office can create major shifts in your life. Milun is just a phone call away! She uses space & spiritual psychology, better known as "Zen-Shui" to help you CREATE your destiny! Just one session can change it all!

Milun is the Founder of ZEN-SHUI and lives in California, USA. She does consultations globally via skype, facebook, internet and phone. She's helped clients from Canada, UK, Australia, India, USA & Middle East. Do not wait for your situation to get worse, the sooner cures are applied, the better your recovery is.

Ways to contact Milun:
Facebook:click FB logo to the right & add her
USA Ph.:1+949-235-9839 *8AM to 9PM Pacific time*
India Ph.:98.1022.0744 *9AM TO 9PM ONLY*
SMS No.:98.1022.0744 **leave your name and PH.#**

ZEN-SHUI: Zen-Shui is one of the many keys to destiny that covers the relationship between your home and your mind. It's a powerful offshoot of Feng Shui (say "fung shway") where your thoughts and emotions are thought to be as significant as your living space when it comes to solving life situations. Changes are made both in your mental space and living space as per Zen-Shui principals to turn around situations in your life or to create the life that you want.

You'd be surprised at what Zen-Shui can help you with. Take a brief look:
  • Finances - Money Flow, Sustenance, Abundance
  • Career & Business - Accelerate growth
  • Health - covering your organs, arteries, skin & mind
  • Relationships - Family, social, work & dating
  • Creativity - covering talent, motivation & ideas
  • Travel - to both reduce and create opportunities
  • Selling - Real Estate or anything big easily & quickly
  • Misc. - Deal with Tough Neighbors, Credit Fraud etc.
  • Infertility - Allow Feng Shui to boost your chances
  • Babies - Pre and Post Natal preparation
  • Self-Image - Self-esteem, reputation, respect or fame
  • Legal - Help with cases, judgments, & lawyers
  • Knowledge - Helping you or your child excel at school
  • Overall - Out of Control Life
  • Anything on your mind, call me and we can give it a try

Yes, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes you will have to be ready for fast changes that can take anywhere from a day to a couple of months for the situation to turn around! Please click the Services section for charges, and do not hesitate to call or email me.

You can also book me to speak at events and gatherings for a minimal fee where I can introduce your guests to Zen-Shui and how it can create a momentum towards their dreams and goals. Start a trend, throw a ZEN-SHUI PARTY and change your life with some simple and amazing tips from me. Click the Services section on this site for details and give me a call. [Clients outside United States will be charged differently than US residents. Please contact me regarding fees if you are outside United States].


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